Management Communication Practices in the Islamic Perspective

  • Maniraho Muhamedi PhD Candidate, Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohd Yahya Mohamed Ariffin PhDcandidate, Faculty of Leadership and Management. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia


Among the most important skills for organizational management is communication competence. This has always been associated with leadership management and its performance. Organization and communication cannot be separated into parties because both complement each other when communication usually serves as a utilization element to encourage organizational efficiency. This conceptual paper aims to compare Islamic values and management practices to quality values of management communication. The communication procedure is necessary for the company’s leaders to move the organization forward. Communication is the vital link between management, employees, consumers, and stakeholders. These communication lines also bring about a sense of friendship between all individuals involved and help sustain the drive for the successful completion of long term quality goals. Thus, Islamic perspective introduces al-shura (the consultation), al-hisba(  ) and al-Dawaween system (information Management and Control systems in Islam) is to prevent any deviation (Islamic standards being the reference point) as a quality term used in management communication. The paper discusses the notion of management communication practices in the Islamic perspective and also highlights how they can be applied within da’wahpractices. It seeks to make recommendations to that effect.
KEYWORDS; communication practices, Islamic communication, al-shura

Mar 31, 2017
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